LA’s Top Interior Designers Who Use Wood or Metal


In no particular order, here are just some of the best interior designers in the Los Angeles area who use wood, metal, or both in their designs.

Jennifer Wood

Based in LA, Jennifer previously worked in the fashion and entertainment industry, but her original passion is design. She took up interior design at UCLA. Having traveled all over the world allows her to have a unique vision of “surrounding (people) with beautiful things that not only make them happy but also inspire fond memories and give them a sense of well being.”


Noah Walker

Famous for designing the interior of the Hollywood bungalow (owned by Bill Thompson), Noah has a keen eye for all things oak, walnut, and everything in between. He has designed countless others, and has received plenty of education (masters, graduate level, Bachelor of Arts). He founded Walker Workshop after having worked in the industry for a while.


Kelly Wearstler

Kelly established her interior design firm in 1994, and Architectural Digest calls her a “branding virtuoso.” She is one of the leading names in modern American designs, and proudly uses wood and metal in a lot of her creations.


Jeff Andrews

Jeff has won countless awards and is responsible for designing for the famous Kardashians. He is now one of the most highly-coveted decorators in the area, having created beautiful interiors for A-listers like Ryan Seacrest and Michael C. Hall. Interestingly enough, he also designed something based on Michael C. Hall’s title character show Dexter. It subsequently won Best Showcase House Design in 2011.


Jamie Bush

Jamie is a New Yorker who moved to LA in 2002. After having studied architecture and design abroad in Italy, as well as here in the States in New Orleans, he is now highly regarded for his strong sense of design and architecture, which may partially be attributed to him growing up in a family of notable designers and artists.