Why Use Wood: 5 Reasons Wooden Furniture and Décor Should Rock Your Design Space


While technology is slowly creeping over everything, including interior design, there is still something about wood that makes it part of our daily lives. It has an allure and charm that simply cannot be matched by any other material in the world. Here are 5 great reasons to select wooden furniture for your business:


Wood, especially certain types like narra, are very strong and resilient. Their durability makes wooden furniture last for years upon years, even in busy locations like restaurants.

In addition, it is weather resistant, so you can have outdoor seating that will last regardless of the changing of the seasons.


There’s a natural charm that wood has that for some reason, man cannot recreate. Even the faux wood designs of late are no match for the genuine thing.
Wood is outstanding décor, as it can either be various small focal points in a room, one big one, or as part of a general look (such as wooden table sets, beams in a room, and others).


Wood comes from trees, so it’s not as damaging as plastic. Just remember to source your wooden furniture from places that care for the environment and use repurposed materials or replace any trees they may have cut down with fresh seedlings.


Wood is easy to repair and modify, making it a worthy investment. While sometimes, initially the prices may be a little higher than compared to other types of furniture material, their beauty, quality and comfort that last for years on end completely make up for it.

Low Maintenance

Wood is easy to maintain. Should a chip occur, sand it off. For restaurants, there are waterproof varnishes that prevent water rings. Should there be stains, cleaning products now magically remove them and prevent them from happening again.